Brix Wine Club Benefits

Passion on wines always makes people relationship closer. The mission of Brix Wine Club is to aggregate a group of wine lovers and share with the best tasting experiences. At Brix Wine Club you can enjoy more price discounts, wider information on wines and of course the enjoyable connection with other wine lovers.

Let’s “Drink Well, Pay Less.” 


How to become A Brix Wine Club Member? 


With spending of HK$1,000 in a single purchase on our website, you can become a member of the exciting Brix Wine Club!

You can access your profile to review the status of your orders.

Enjoy your wine shopping experience at Brix Wines and Spirits!


What are the benefits of Brix Wine Club?


Once you become our member you will enjoy the following benefits:

1) 3% Discount on all purchases.

2) Receive Brix exciting offers and our Super Promotion twice a year.